Who is Ngabo Karegeya

Ngabo Karegeya is a charismatic and entrepreneurial individual from the rural region of Bigogwe in Rwanda. He developed a deep passion for cows and the natural beauty of his home, the green hills of Bigogwe. Growing up in a pastoral community, Ngabo likely learned the traditional ways of herding and caring for cows from an early age.

With the advent of social media and the increasing interest in authentic and unique travel experiences, Ngabo recognized the opportunity to showcase the beauty of Bigogwe and its cultural heritage to a broader audience. He likely started using social media platforms to share captivating photos and stories about his cows, the scenic landscapes, and the local way of life.

His storytelling skills and enthusiasm for his home likely caught the attention of travelers, both local and international, who were seeking off-the-beaten-path destinations. People interested in cultural immersion, rural experiences, and the beauty of nature may have been drawn to visit Bigogwe and explore the idyllic hills while getting to know Ngabo and his community.

Ngabo Karegeya's promotion of his home as a tourism destination might have led to increased economic opportunities for the local community. With the influx of visitors, there could have been the development of small-scale tourism infrastructure, such as homestays, local guides, and souvenir shops, which contributed to the local economy. Most of the time he calls himself a Certified cowboy or Umushumba w'Umusirimu in Kinyarwanda

His passion for cows and dedication to preserving his cultural heritage likely made him a respected figure within his community. By sharing the beauty and authenticity of Bigogwe through social media, Ngabo may have also played a role in fostering a sense of pride and appreciation among the locals for their own traditions and natural surroundings

Ngabo Karegeya . 2023-08-01