"ONE TOURIST ONE TREE" initiative is a practical call to action. It's a means to align the inflow of tourists with the preservation of what makes Bigogwe truly special. Each planted tree is a symbol of hope and an investment in the longevity of this breathtaking destination. As we move forward with this initiative, we envision a future where every footstep taken by a tourist contributes not just to memories but to a thriving environment and a cherished heritage 

The core objective of this initiative is to harness the potential of tourism as a catalyst for positive change. By inviting each and every visitor to take part in a simple yet impactful act – planting a tree – we aim to create a collective movement for the preservation of both the environment and heritage of Bigogwe. This undertaking stands as a testament to our commitment to environmental well-being and cultural legacy. 

Our focus is directed towards planting traditional Rwandan indigenous trees such as Nile tulip or Ciara tree  (Umusave) , Lucky bean (Umuko) and Strangler Fig (Umuvumu), among others. These trees are not only deeply rooted in Rwanda's heritage but also possess intrinsic ecological value. By reinstating them into the local landscape, we strive to strike a harmonious balance between the old and the new, the natural and the cultural 

If you want to support our conservation initiative, please reach us on:  +250781994849 or

Ngabo Karegeya . 2023-11-07